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Update January 2020

Why a Replacement Ignition?

One might assume that the OEM set the timing at an optimum point. I think this is not the case because compromises were made in using a single spark advance. The optimum spark advance follows a curve of increasing advance with increasing RPM. The cars in the 1970s had a centrifugal advance in the mechanical distributor. Today's cars use a crank sensor and computer to select the advance. In using an single point, the RPM for the first spark has to be delayed to a higher RPM, maybe 200 or more. This makes for hard starting. The Replacement Ignition also has a brief time of no spark, but at 70 to 100 RPM starts putting out sparks at near TDC to prevent kick back. On a sample of one, this makes for immediate starting. A second spark advance kicks in automatically at about 450 RPM.

I replaced the ignition on an old CI 10 HP Briggs and made an series of videos some may be interested in:

Part 1, Universal Ignition Replacement Installation YouTube Video Part 1

Part 2, Replacement Ignition Parts List YouTube Video Part 2"

Part 3, B&S Ignition Replacement, Addendum 1, How it works. YouTube Video Part 3

My next ignition project is to replace the ignition on a twin Briggs horizontal opposed.

Outline; This out line should help folks find what they are looking for:

Updates: 16 February 06,11 December 2009, 24 - 30 March 2012, 14 May 2019

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I love playing with engines, ignition systems, magnets and old generators. My site is always under construction, but this is what I have today.

Most of the people finding their way to my website or are in search of information on Tecumseh ignitions so in this up-date, I put that first, Topic 1. I am putting the most current information first followed by the older and usually more detailed information. My playing with Tecumseh ignitions started before 1992 so the most dated information will be near the end or in attachments.

Topic1, Tecumseh Ignitions



     Dos and Don’ts

     Part 1, Trigger Pin SSI, 610906,610748, 610855 and Onan NB

          Testing Original Equipment

Test for Spark

Engine Kill Wire Check

Spark Plug Connector

Ignition Charge Coil

          Automotive Type Replacement Ignition

Trigger Coil

Control Module

Ignition Coil

Installation Options

Option 1 Use existing key switch

Option 2 Adding a new Toggle Switch

Option 3 Replacing the Key Switch

               Trouble Shooting Guide for all Options

               List of Materials

          Part 2, Under the Flywheel SSI, 610759 and ESKA Single Cylinder

               Initial Testing

               Dos and Dont's

               Testing Before SSI Removal

     Test for Spark

     Engine Kill Wire

     Spark Plug Connector

               Ignition Repair

     Part 3, Point - Condenser Magnetos

     Part4, ESKA Outboard Twin Cylinder


          1. How a CDI or SSI Works and Schematics

          2. Autopsy of 610759 and 619906

          3. SSI Charge Coil and Stator Test

          4. Flywheel Magnets

          5. 610759 SSI Replacement

Topic 2. Other Ignitions

Topic 3. Antique Engines

Topic 4. Vintage Generators

Topic 5. Vintage Tractors

Topic 6. Gauss Meter / Hall-Effect

Topic7. Ed's Traiding Post

Topic 8. Miscellaneous

HH 120 Engine Simulator

DC motor driven Engine Simulator and Test Equipment

Testing a new Trigger Coil

Diesel Chariot

1922 Ottawa Log Saw Engine, 4 HP

WWII PE-75T 1943

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